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Weston Meat Grinder Reviews With Recomended Models

Weston meat grinder will surely in your list if you have made top 10 list of meat grinders. In this COVID-19, a situation where almost all the countries across the world are closed down. This moment has been harsh for any food lover like us, especially those who can’t control their hunger for tasty non-veg food. 

Well, I can guess how hard that it. Also, from those working restaurants but due to safety measured uncertain security, we don’t like to order it online. You are here and reading this blog, so of course, want some guidelines for buying the best Meat Grinder for making delicious food.

Well, consider as your wait is over here, we are going to review some best meat grinders manufactured  by Weston company under $200, which always gives satisfactory performance to their customers. To make your work much more comfortable, we also have stated the best Weston Meat Grinders with their reviews.

So, let’s start the review:


Why Choose Weston meat grinder?

Weston meat grinders are one of the best manufacturers that are available in today’s marketplaces. Weston supplies all meat grinders of the best quality that will fulfill all your meat grinding desires for your home use and your catering outlets.

Weston claims that they have accomplished all the esteems by their customers, and they will always.

  • Weston Meat Grinders grind meats in just seconds and worth for your money spends on them.
  • All the meat grinders from Weston can chop meat in pieces hassle-free.
  • Weston always brings instrumental innovations in their products for more and more improving performances.
  • Since when Weston is founded and started making meat grinders, they are always making their products excellent and good with great products.
  • If we check the scales of reliability and durability, Weston has always been a good brand in meat grinder ranges.

Weston Pro Series 22 Meat Grinder - Best recommended


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  • Unit size : 17 x 25 x 15.5
  • Weight : 72.8 pounds
  • Max power : 1500 Watts
  • Grinding capacity : 12-18 lbs per minute
  • Warranty : Five Year
  • Editor rating : 4.6 /5

Top Features:

  • Weston pro series 22 meat grinder is made of a highly engineered process, making it a noiseless working, highly durable product.
  • This model is straightforward to operate with easy maintenance.
  • It’s lubricated long last working motor of 120 volt and 60 Hz power comes with an air-cooled feature.
  • For more convenience in use, it comes with a stable rubber grip from the bottom for more steadiness.
  • It comes with in box accessories like – Stainless Steel grinding knife, a medium grinding plate with two types of coarse, Funnels for sausage stuffing, and meat stuffing high-speed auger.


  • It is made of stainless steel which makes it a more durable product
  • It has a powerful motor, so it makes an easier task for it to grind meats by consuming lesser time
  • It can grind more amount of meats compare to other ones very easily
  • It also has reverse functioning for cleaning to give hassle cleaning the users
  • It comes with 3-different types of sausage stuffing tubes for more ease
  • For those who don’t know how to operate this machine then a detailed user instruction manual is given


  • In covering tons of useful features, it became heavyweight and needed extra effort to carry
  • It is very costly so not everyone can afford

How Weston Brand is Better Than Other Brands?

In today's market, so many numbers of meat grinders brands are available. Still, among them, the Weston brand has some unique characteristics which make it better than other ones, or we can say the best meat grinder manufacturing brand.

So, let's find out what makes it more special than other brands:

  • Weston Brand always finds its way to make their products faster and more reliable than their previous models. What makes it a unique one learns of the previous success and still in a race not with just other brands but also with itself in innovations.
  • The operation speed of every meat grinders supplied by Weston is very high, which takes a few seconds to grind the bulk amount of meats finely for chopping and sausage making.
  • Weston always focuses on its products' safety features and hygienic features to serve its user the best-maintained meat grinder. They also focus on the material quality to make meat grinders durable, and all their driving patterns are government-approved, making it safe for their customer.
  • To make their product durable and reliable, they use the high structured advanced technologies in product makings.
  • Weston always uses high-quality materials to build its products, and that's why it is known for its durable and sturdy product maker.
  • All Weston meat grinder's motors are lubricated and high powered, making meat grinding and chopping faster with lower processing noise. To make the sausages perfectly grinded they use metal gears for better performances.
  • Weston contains meat grinders for both types of a small stash of meats and a big stash of hearts. That different quality product range of Weston meat grinders serves for household uses and also for the commercial services.
  • Meat Grinders from Weston are perfect for grinding any meats like elk, dear, beef, chicken, and pig.
  • With Weston meat grinder ranges, you can make sausages for your delicious food taste like restaurants at home.
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What Are the Positive and Negative Points of Weston Meat Grinder?

After reading an almost detailed Weston meat grinder article, you must become aware of this meat grinder brand. So, now it’s time to check the pros and cons of Weston meat grinders, which can add a plus image in your mind to solve your remaining questions about this brand.


  • The durable steel material fully houses all the meat grinders supplied by the Weston brand.
  • To make your efforts less in the cleaning process, all the products are programmed for the reverse functioning for more ease in jamming as well.
  • All meat grinders contain high powered lubricated motors for noiseless and faster-grinding performance.
  • Weston products are made for heavy-duty tasks and also are easy to move and compact in design.
  • To control speed for making your accordance sausage meat grinder contains a circuit breaker.
  • The meat grinder contains a large meat container for more quantity stash, auger, and stainless-steel knife.
  • All Weston products are government-approved UL certified and come with a lifetime warranty.
  • Friendly customer services
  • Weston products are made for serving both household and commercial requirements.


  • When a large of sticky meat ground in this the cleaning process becomes a hard and tedious task
  • Few Weston products are heavy to lift
  • Few high range models of Weston are costly but are worth to own it.


Weston products are of high-quality and give satisfactory services to the users. Apart from weight and costings, Weston products have not any other drawbacks. If you think that Weston meat grinders' costing is very high, then consider it one more time.

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If you buy costly readymade sausages and grinded meat from stores are less more expensive than buying meat grinders, then let me tell meat grinders are only a one-time installment for your lifetime meat grinding services at home. After reading this whole article, we hope that this helped you clear all your doubts regarding buying a meat grinder and Weston brand.

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