Sunmila sm-g73 meat grinder review

Sunmile Sm-G73 Electric Meat Grinder Review

Are you looking for a heavy-duty meat grinder? Here it is. Read Sunmile sm-g73 electric meat grinder review and go for it.

Sunmile has always been the pioneer of the meat grinders over the world. You will always experience the best outcomes for such a giant company. 

No matter what purposes you want the grinder for you will be bringing the top advantages to your kitchen.

 Actually, the new Sunmile SM G73 electric meat grinder is one of the top kitchen appliances in the market today. 

The company always hires the most qualified technicians and experts in order to work on the grinders. As a result, quality is one of the sophisticated factors of the new grinders.


Sunmile SM-G73 Electric Meat Grinder Review


  • DIMENSIONS: 13.6 x 6.2 x 13.6 inches
  • WEIGHT: 8.8 pounds
  • COLOR: Steel gray with a black base
  • TYPE: Electric
  • WATTAGE: 600-1000
  • PERFORMANCE: 185 lbs/hour
  • Warranty : 1 year
  • Editor's rating : 4.3 /5


  • One of the top pros of the new grinder is the long term duration of the parts. It is rare when you find any part damaged. Even the motor can last forever. All you have to do is take it easy when it comes to grinding strong and solid stuff like bones.
  • It can also serve as a professional grinder is you are running a commercial snack or restaurants. It can save you a huge amount of time too.
  • The Gardiner is much optimized for your interior decoration too.
  • The grinding plate and knife are made of steel; the other parts are made of aluminum. The tray is also aluminum.  
  • Most of the plates are made from stainless steel. You can find a huge amount of aluminum material there. Like that, you will get rid of problems related to rust and dirty spots.
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  • It may take a lot of space in your kitchen
  • Your electricity may increase with time if you use more power.
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The new grinder holds a wide set of big gears and gearboxes. Like that, the machine will resist all the pressure coming from the meat grinding process. 

You will be able to grind any meat in a very short time. One of the great key advantages of such a machine is that you can use the emergency switch. 

We are dealing with a circuit breaker to cut the electricity from the motor. So many grinders in the market have such developed advanced features.

The new heavy-duty electric meat grinder has a tremendous amount of feature use in your home kitchen. It contains more than 600 rated power and about 1000 watts of max locked power.

 This is what makes the grinder has a robust and powerful motor for your different kinds of grinding appliances. You will be able to grind more than 190 pounds each hour.


  • The new steady, robust motor can develop a huge amount of performance for your different kinds of grinding purposes. The machine has the best gearbox for making grinding more smoothly.
  • The grinding's stainless steel body can make you get rid of the rust and the sports on your grinder. In addition to that, using the grinder is very secure and can make your gain a huge amount of time. The ETL security and safety certificate ensures that the user can operate the grinding even they are not used to it.
  • The grinder is practical and very functional to make your food done for your different purposes. You will have 3-different stainless steel plates for cars, fine grinding, and grinding medium tasks. You will also have another three sausage stuff that makes you made your sausage very quickly. You can wash all the parts very as after disabling them from the main machine. 
  • The dishwasher can be sued to clean the grinder parts easily.
  • Thanks to the "on and the off" button, you can prevent any sudden accident. The circuit breaker is your protection from any kind of danger. It will even protect the grinder motor from burning out. Accordingly, the grinder can be used from a different range of ages due to the high level of safety.
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The manufacturer's backup is always covering your different technical problems with the grinder. You will have up to 1 year of warranty. You can even ask for help if you need help according to accessories or attachment of the grinder. You will have additional free customer service for your help. You can even ask any question related to troubleshooting problems occurring in your grinder use.

Advantage of Sunmile sm-g73 meat grinder

  • The grinder can last for a very long time if you install it in the correct right way.
  • You will have a tremendous amount of attachment to add for your grinder
  • The plates can be added from foreign manufacturers; they often have a stand size and shapes.
  • The blade side (also named flat surface) outward when installing the meat grinder. Otherwise, 
  • The cutting blades can last forever since they are made from stainless steel material.
  • Clean Meat Grinder Correctly
  • You have to put only the blades and plates in the grinder and not the other head parts of the grinder else you will have oxidation problems. NO worries, they are super to clean manually.The machine
  • The machine is super easy to disassemble and assemble whenever you are done with your meat grinding. Like that, you will keep your grinding always hygienic.
  • You can grind any kind of meat-type without any complications. Some say that you can even grind bones for your dogs.
  • You will get the most dependable and steady, sharp, and reliable blade for your grinding purposes. They come with different sizes and types for sausages or any other kind of meals you want to prepare
  • Of course, the motor is robust, and you can grind many steady types of stuff. However, try to focus on meat grinding to avoid any kind of problems. You will even make the grinding last more time. The outstanding performance will always be over the top.
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disadvantage of Sunmile sm-g73 meat grinder

  • You do not have to use the dishwasher for cleaning all grinder parts.
  • You have to be careful with the installation of the grinder else you may encounter dangerous problems.
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The new Sunmile SM-G73 Electric Meat Grinder can serve for your different home meals. You will be able to prepare anything for your family and friends. Thanks to the wide range of features embedded in the grinder.

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