sunmile sm-g50 electric meat grinder

Sunmile Sm-G50 Electric Meat Grinder Review

No matter what your profession is, the grinder is your ultimate choice. Especially when it comes to grinding meat at home. You will have a very high service of grinding. The new Sunmile SM-G50 meat grinder has many options and features that will make your journey in your kitchen easier. Read the Sunmile SM-G50 electric meat grinder review. Thank the effectiveness of the new grinder, even the top chefs are using it to satisfy their clients.

Sunmile sm-g50 meat grinder


  • Dimensions : 12.2 x 11 x 15.1
  • Weight : 13.97 pounds
  • Max Power : 1000w
  • Grinding per hour : 200pounds
  • Warranty : No
  • Editor's rating : 4.4 /5


  • High Power and Strong Motor
  • Grind up to 200 pounds per hour
  • It is highly durable
  • Manufacturer Backup and ETL Certificated 
  • Sunmile SM-G50 has metallic gears.


  • It has no warranty.
  • List Element

Why do I suggest the reliable Meat Grinder: SM-G50?

  • The new grinder has the best circuit breaker for tour safety.
  • It is convenient and easy to use
  • You can grind a decent amount of meat in short delta time
  • It can easily fit your interior decoration
  • It does not take a lot of space
  • You will have a robust motor that can reach 1000W
  • It has the sophisticated ETL certificate of security
  • Our Recommended SM-G50 International Meat Grinder

Features of sunmile sm-g50 electric meat grinder

  • It is lightweight and can be stored in any place you want too.
  • The new grinder has a very powerful motor of 350 w.
  • It can reach more than 100 according to your choice too.
  • It can grind all the types of meat without any restrictions too.
  • Ability to grind chicken bones.
  • You can even manage to grind all the other lighter bones too.
  • The grinder is the perfect choice for restaurants a large kitchen as well.
  • The machine has a tremendous amount of features and options that can let you grind the meat in a fast way.
  • Despite the price of the machine, experts confirm that it deserves even more.
  • The machine can grind more than 200 lbs in each hour.
  • This is what makes it perfect for commercial use. In other words, if you have a restaurant, you will surely earn a lot.
  • One of the great advantages of the grinder is the safety measure.
  • Actually, the majority of the models have only an on and off button.
  • However, in this model, we can find a safety measure button to prevent any problem-related to your grinder.
  • You will have a steady the Sunmile SM-G50 reset button that can handle any emergency case.
  • Moreover, the revert button will make you reverse all the meat stuck inside.
  • Like that, it will boost the productivity of your grinder. Besides, it will even help when it comes to cleaning too.
  • Another advanced technology is the circuit breaker factor. It is responsible for managing any sudden electricity problem within your machine.
  • Accordingly, you will be safe during your journey of using the machine. Even amateurs are allowed to use such devices.


  • One stainless steel cutting blade
  • Three Stainless steel cutting plates
  • One sausage stuff maker
  • One Plastic food pusher
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What I like and dislike about the STX meat grinder?


The features and the accessories are all made of stainless steel. The aluminum is also taking a large part of the body of the grinder. This is why this model is a symbol of durability and long term use. The hopper and the cutting plates and the head are also made with very high precision to detail. On the other hand, you will have a plastic part like the food pusher and the attachment dedicated to sausage. To prepare any meat, you are not supposed to spend more money on anything. Everything is included in the package of the grinder. The cleaning process is also easy. The grinder is well designed to be easy to clean. The storage way is also handy since the grinder has the best built-in storage area for the accessories and the cord.
The grinder is full of advantages that make any food lover buy it. It is convenient and very optimizing when it comes to price affordability. It represents one of the best-priced grinders in the industry today. All the customers love those models from Sunmile because they are compact and can make you store it easily.
The built-in storage is one of the best tools used in the new grinder. You do not need any extra place to stock the machine. You will even protect them from loss.


One of the main downsides of this model of grinders is you will not be using the dishwasher for cleaning it. If you use it, you will be altering much rust for most parts of the grinders. However, please do not panic; you can always clean it appealingly. All you have to do is detach the parts and wash them using the soap and the hot water. Ensure that all the meat vanished to avoid dirty spots and rust in the sooner future. Moreover, try to let the guide parts dry out too to keep them in good shape.

Another downside problem of such a grinder is that you should not use it every day. If you have a lot of meat to grind daily, you will make the motor dies quickly. Especially if you scratch a lot of bones permanently. It is not dedicated to the whole process of industrial grinding for sure. The new Sunmile SM G50 is very useful if you use it frequently for home kitchen routine.

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Why the grinder is better than any other brands

The grinder has the most qualified features. It has a safety button that protects even amateur and passionate about cooking. Moreover, the grinder is the most adequate and handier grinder when it comes to price. Accordingly, to experts, it can be used by any range of ages with any risk. It has the ETL security and safety certificate for sure.


Truth is told, the grinder has a unique simplicity. You can place it anywhere in your kitchen. It will easily fit the harmony of decoration of your kitchen. Moreover, it will not take a lot of space too. In the end, we can surely confirm that grinder is your best choice for home use. Here also read deer meat grinder review.

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