STX international meat grinder reviews

STX International Meat Grinder Reviews In 2022

The world is facing the COVID-19 pandemic situation. So many people have lost their jobs, so many restaurants have been closed down. Because of restaurants' closed down conditions, many foodies are eager to test the outside food special who like to eat the meat of some good restaurants. To feel that void, you must search for the best meat grinders company that can fulfill all your meat dish desires.

This is article is all about the review of the best international meat grinders brand called STX International. After reading this article, you'll get all the answers to your valuable questions and also will get the exact product for your convenience.

STX International's meat grinders are always popular in the market since they are founded on. The main headquarter STX international is stated in Lincoln, Nevada, in the United States of America. STX International reserves the world-class infrastructure in its product manufacturing to product shipping. It has served more than 80,000 meat grinders across the globe in their 7+ years of experience and still serving and giving a satisfactory performance to its customers.


Why Go for STX International Meat Grinder?

STX International brand contains various high-quality meat grinder ranges that also provide the number of benefits with multi-functional to its customers. The main plus point of buying meat grinders of STX International is their astonishingly powerful motors with different notch levels. With a wide range of satisfying customer performance, STX International contains a diverse Meat Grinders range for various requirements from additional customer requirements.
Below we have listed the plus points of STX International Brand’s Meat Grinders will win your heart and your quick reference:

  • STX International always provides the latest automatic features to your old meat grinders models according to their conveniences.
  • STX Meat grinder provides the hassle-free grinding experiences for all kinds of meat grinding processes.
  • With the STX meat grinder, customers can control grinding speed according to their sausage thickness requirements by low, high, and reverse modes for more conveniences.
  • The circuit breaker mode is enabled in all STX meat grinders for safety purposes.
  • The heavy-motors are loaded in all STX International’s Meat grinders.
  • The latest AVI technology is used in the meat chopping machines presented by STX International. The primary function of AVI technology is that by using this mode, it can grind the meat without even using any human efforts.
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To lead you in a proper way, we have reviewed the best meat grinder supplied by STX International. So, let’s review it:

The Best STX – 3000 – MF Meat Grinder from The STX International:


  • Unit size : 16.5 x 6.5 x 14.5
  • Weight : 12 pounds
  • Max Power : 3000 Watt
  • Grinding capacity : 180 and 240 Lbs pr hour
  • Warranty : 3-years
  • Editer's rating : 4.5 /5

Everyone wants their meat food made by them should be tasted and look like a restaurant-style. So, to fulfill that choice, you also need a top-class meat grinder made with high technology engineering. To complete your that desire, STX International made their masterpiece by using that you can complete your meat food desires. STX – 3000 – MF meat grinder is the best choice with the top-class quality engineering and comes with 3-types of cutting blades, 3-types of grinding plates, kubbe for a better serving, and 3-different sizes of sausage stuffing funnels.


  • STX International has patented “Cow Air Inducting Cooling System” on their name for more reliable operation time in their STX – 3000 – MF Meat Grinder.
  • STX-3000 – MF Meat Grinder consists of 3000 watts of a powerful motor for faster-grinding operations.
  • To fulfill your desire of sausage thickness STX International also has set 3 different types of speed controlling knob.
  • To avoid internal heat or short-circuiting situations, they also programmed circuit breaker in-built.
  • This meat grinder also comes with in-box accessories like 3-cutting blades made of stainless steel, 3-tempered steel made grinding plates, for ease in sausage stuffing, and 3-different sizes sausage tubes are included.
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  • It’s cutting blades are made stainless steel material, so no chances for rusting issues
  • It is effortless to disassemble for ease of cleaning purpose
  • To get your desire sausage thickness, 3-grinding speed controls are given
  • Cow Air inducting cooling system is fixed inside of it for automatically cooling of motors
  • High powered motors are provided for faster-grinding operations


  • This meat grinder is not suitable for dishwasher washing, so we have to clean it by our own hands
  • Some functioning instructions of the user manual are explained in a complicated way, so sometimes it might confuse their users to understand

How STX International Brand is Better Than Other Brands?

STX International is better than other brands to prove that I have a particular reason. Many competitors are present in the market like Weston but in comparison to high engineering technology, using STX International is a true winner.
There are many other plus points of this brand, so let’s discuss it in details:

  • STX International proposes many feature lists in their products compared to other meat grinder’s brands.
  • STX International contains two categories of meat grinders range – one is the manual range, and the second one is the Automatic ones, or you can say electronic meat grinders.
  • This brand contains the list of top-notch meat grinders that are pretty expensive in buying first, but they run for log times, and after buying that, you won’t regret buying it.
  • All the STX International meat grinders are heavy tasking ones, so they are perfectly fit for the commercial uses.

What Are the Positive and Negative Points of STX International Meat Grinder?

After reading an almost detailed article of the STX International meat grinder, you must become aware of this meat grinder brand. So, now it’s time to check the pros and cons of STX International meat grinders, which can add a plus image in your mind to solve your remaining questions about this brand.

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  • All the STX International meat grinder is heavy duty with a lot of cool features.
  • STX meat grinders are the highly durable made and works for the long-lasting period and the perfect choice for your use
  • Highly powerful motors of STX meat grinders can quickly grind a bunch of meat quantity just in few seconds.
  • A lot of accessories come with the purchase of STX International meat grinders.
  • There is a saying that STX meat grinders are hard to clean up but compare to other competitors of this brand, it is straightforward and fast to clean up even if you’re using this grinder for the first time.
  • STX International has the best co-operative user-friendly customer service panel who are ready to help and quickest responsive towards your problems


  • The manufacturers do not do international shipping
  • The costing of these brand products is very high but worth to invest in it
  • The STX meat grinders are not able to grind hard objects, so first, you need to remove bones from the meat


My final thought for this meat grinder brand is that even if STX International has high rates in its products, its meat grinders are highly durable and run for a long time. In simple words, STX International meat grinders are a one-time investment for long-time running with various features.

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