Stand Mixer Vs Food Processor: Which Should You Get?

How is a Stand Mixer different from a Food processor? Here we tried to find the best about stand mixer vs food processor. Most people tend to confuse between a stand mixer and a food processor as they mostly perform the same task, i.e., cutting up fruits and vegetables. A stand mixer can be used for more than cutting up fruits and vegetables, however. You can use it for a variety of other tasks with the help of the right attachment, whereas a food processor can perform the necessary task of cutting up and slicing the food items that are placed inside it.


Food Processor and Stand Mixer

Here are some breif points which makes different between food processor and stand mixer.

Food Processor

Stand mixer vs food processor

A food processor is a kitchen tool which comes with sharp blades which are used in the chopping and slicing of food items into a smaller, even pieces.

It can slice down all kinds of food items, let it be hard or soft, and can perform a brilliant task of cutting these up into smaller, manageable pieces.

Stand Mixer

Stand mixer vs food processor

A stand mixer is essentially a kitchen tool that can mix the ingredients in a bowl, but it can perform other tasks as well. It can be used to make ice cream, pasta, cut up fruits and vegetables, make juice, etc.

You can check some of the best stand mixers for bread dough. All you need to perform these tasks is the right attachment to go along with your stand mixer. So basically, your stand mixer can act as your food processor and several other kitchen tools.

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Difference between Food Processor and Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is large and cumbersome in size and can be a little difficult to store and move around in the kitchen, whereas a food processor is comparatively lightweight and can be easily moved around and stored in the kitchen.

A food process won’t take up a lot of your space in the kitchen, whereas a stand mixer would, so choose wisely.

Another difference between the food processor vs stand mixer is the cost. A food processor is much cheaper than a stand mixer and won’t cause a dent in your pocket. 

You won’t even feel the money loss, and you would have an efficient food processor at your home for all the slicing and chopping whereas a stand mixer would cost you more, and if all you are searching for is a tool to cut your food items, then a stand mixer would provide you with too many features which you don’t even need.

Another significant difference between these two tools is that you cannot use your food processor for liquid ingredients as it would cause a complete mess and would be harder to clean afterward whereas, with a stand mixer, you can easily mix liquid ingredients too with the minimum amount of mess.

Let’s not forget that your stand mixer can perform more tasks than your food processor. It can be used for milling flour, preparing cake batter, kneading the dough, making ice cream and pasta, and much more while performing the tasks of a food processor efficiently too.

So basically, if you have a stand mixer, you don’t need a food processor anymore because your stand mixer can do it all.

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