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Meat Grinder Part Names

As A meat grinder is a very common equipment nowadays in every kitchen. It works like an all rounder machine for food preparation. Every modern kitchen should have this machine for the easy finishing of your diet.
You can full fill your healthy eating hobby with this magic machine. It is a group of several parts and attachments that works together to execute. It is very familiar with fruits, meat and vegetables and reduces your workload as well. 

Parts of Electric meat grinder

1. Grinding head-

It is one of the important parts of a meat grinder as it is cleared with its name. Every meat grinder is worthless without this part. Grinding head fixes as a first part in the body of electric meat grinder.
After locking it into its place, fix other parts of the meat grinder as per instructions. Remember one thing that grinder head always rotate counterclockwise.

2. Grinding plated-

Meat grinder mainly consists of three types of grinding plates, fine, medium and coarse. It decides the size of the meat and meat grinder as well. If the grinding plates are big, the size of the meat grinder is also big and it grinding much quantity of meat in a short period as the plates have more whole with a depression.

The grinding plates are easy to clean as you can put it into the dishwasher. It also does not take too much time to dry and is easily dryable in a short period.

3. Tray-

If you want to operate the meat machine, first fix the tray at an appropriate place. You can't think about running the meat grinder without fixing the tray at the top. Now put the meat pieces in the tray and then slide the meat pieces into the mouth with the pusher.

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This type of tray consists of plastic, aluminium or stainless steel and is too much strong. We should avoid it in the range of water for a long time.

4. An Auger-

The function of an auger is very important from a grinding point of view. It helps to push the meat pieces around for grinding. The pieces of meat take their shape well when an auger rotates them from one side to another.

An auger is made up of stainless steel. One side of it is connected to the head of a meat grinder with a pin and the other side is well connected to the knife, grinding plates.

The size of the auger depends on the meat grinder's internal structure. Two different machine have their different auger in size. You can't replace them with each other.

5. Knife-

It works to cut the grinding product and mince the meat, vegetable nicely. It has its own importance and size for a meat grinder. You can't replace it from one machine to other. It may harm to your machine. If a knife or cutting blades are damaged, you can buy and replace them. Always buy a self-sharpening stainless steel blade. What types of knives do not require much care.

6. Stomper-

Stomper reduces the time of grinding because it helps to push the meat pieces into the tube. Most of the brands provide a stomper whenever you buy it. So you don't need to buy it separately.

It also helps to send the meat back to the tube when meat pieces tend to pop out of the tray at grinding time. So we can say that it is useful instrument.

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