How to use a drip coffee maker

How To Use A Drip Coffee Maker: A Complete Guide

If you are the person who has bought the drip coffee maker recently or you are making your mind to have a drip coffee maker in the kitchen then I want to tell that it is one of simplest to make all type of coffee at home. It makes you feel like your local coffee shop if you need a cup of coffee at daily routine. You don't need extra experience to operate the coffee maker and it offers more features to adjust the taste.
Get a healthy walk with us to get a reply to your queries about how the grew coffee cup.
Before knowing about the brewing process let us know what is drip coffee maker. 


What Is A Drip coffee maker?

Although a drip coffee maker is easy for brewing but still it takes time to get familiar with. If you are new to it then it needs the basic introduction of the machine.
Some drip coffee makers feature single or two buttons although some coffee makers are very rich in the functions. Check the accessories while you are going to order your machine because some coffee brand offers more accessories part with it to attract the customers.

Drip coffee makers are easy to brew a coffee cup. When you will operate it once or twice, you will get a decent idea about how to turn it on and off. You will also get a clock there in some models.

This type of coffee maker has both carafes, thermal and glass, with all its models. But if you are using the carafe on the microwave or stove then it is not safe as you can only use it with a coffee maker. 

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Are drip coffee makers better than others?

A cup of coffee can make you active the whole day if it is brewed in a good coffee maker. It affects much to your work performance with great convenience. That is why we invest in drip coffee makers.

As you know that drip coffee makers are famous in offices, homes, and cafes too. The user wants to connect with it because of its easy operation of brewing coffee cups.

People mostly like drip coffee makers more than french press because they won't have time to manually set up in the morning. It is much easier compared to others. The other competitors are iced and cone coffee makers which are not up to the level of drip coffee makers. 

Features of Drip coffee maker

Now we are going to examine the key features and highlighted points. These feature points will help you to ensure the right choice in the top coffee maker list. 

1. Self-timer

It is a pro-features in drip coffee makers to manage the desired coffee quantity within a specific time. Once you set the clock-timer, it automatically makes a sound when coffee becomes ready. the major benefit of it is that you can perform other tasks during brew time. 

2. Warming plates

The warming plates are where you put the thermal carafe to keep coffee hot. It helps to keep your coffee hot for a long time after the completion of brewing. As we can say that a coffee maker is useless without warming plates so confirm this feature while buying a coffee maker.

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3. Automatic turn off Feature

It is one of the important features which make the coffee maker more demandable in the market. The feature makes the machine turn off after the completion of the brewing process. It helps to save the power energy when you are busy with other work and forget to turn it off. It also saves the coffee maker from overheating as well and you can enjoy your coffee cup for a long. 

Advantages and Disadvantages of drip coffee maker


  • Ease of use
  • Natural drink with quality
  • Fast brewing process
  • Compact design with affordable price
  • Suitable for large work too


  • Features are complicated.

The things you need before brewing the coffee

The automatic drip coffee maker is a safe and smart option for brewing a coffee cup it provides you the freedom to taste quality coffee. The things you need are given blow.

  • Drip coffee maker
  • Coffee beans
  • Coffee grinder
  • Mineral water
  • A digital scale
  • A coffee filter
  • A spoon
  • A coffee mug

How to make coffee with a drip coffee maker : step by step guide

  1. Prepare your coffee maker after making it clean and make sure that the coffee filter is fitted properly at their place.
  2. Determine the quantity of coffee beans according to water and grind it to medium particles.
  3. Now, put the beans into the filter and put also a water reservoir with a reasonable quantity of cold water.
  4. Turn on the brewing process and wait for the movement.
  5. It takes four to five minutes and it is done. Put coffee into the cup and take a sip.
  6. At last, never forget to clean the coffee maker after brewing your coffee.
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