How to grind meat without a meat grinder

How To Grind Meat Without A Meat Grinder ?

Every cook has their method to transfer the meat into a delicious meal. If you are here looking for the best ways to grind meat without the meat grinder, then here it is. The meat you grind yourself is much fresher than the grounded meat you find in the stores sitting for hours. The meat which is grinded by hand gives control over its texture, freshness and quality. You can grind any kind of meat like duck, chicken, beef on your own which gives a wide variety of cooking possibilities. There are a lot of reasons not to choose a meat grinder. Using packed grounded meat doesn’t launch you the perfect dish, whereas hand grounded meat does.

The best thing about grinding your meat is gives you the freedom of how you want the meat to turn out. You get to decide whether you want the meat to be fine, coarse or meatballs. The key to the finest grinded meat is to keep the meat chilled this gives the access to chopping meat not only cleanly but also prevents the meat from melting. 

One of the surefire ways to grind meat is to hand grind it, the main steps involved in hand grinding of meat are easy and are mentioned below.

The first step is to make sure that the meat is chilled for about 30 minutes which will give you access to easy slicing and gives you the required texture handily. The steps to the finest grind are here.

  1. Chop the meat with a sharp knife at 45 degrees in one direction such that only 70% of the meat should be sliced. 
  2.  Flip the meat piece over and repeat step1, but now in opposite direction. Make sure that only ¼ of the depth needs to be sliced.
  3. Again flip the meat and at 90 degrees slice, the meat and only 70% should be cut through, leaving 1/4th space between the meat.
  4. Again flip the meat over and repeat step 3.
  5.  Now gather the meat together and using the knife chop the meat from left to right multiple times.
  6. For much finer texture repeat step 5 until the required texture is obtained.

How to grind meat with a food processor

It is quite easy method to grind meat efficiently. The only thing to keep in mind is that the temperature of the motor should be monitored. The following are the steps 

Before grinding the meat, make sure that the meat is chilled for 30 minutes to get the perfect grind.

  1. Chop the meat into small pieces so that the machine can handle it. This depends upon the size of the machine. Working with small pieces of meat will grind them evenly.
  2. Drop the meat pieces into the food processor and blend them, once the required texture is obtained. Scoop out the grinded meat out from the machine.
  3. Repeat step 3 until the meat is processed.

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