Can A Meat Grinder Grind Bones

Can A Meat Grinder Grind Bones ?

One thing is for sure is that a meat grinder is the most neediest appliance for the kitchen. It reduces the time to make thousands of dishes. Although you have to grind meat or grind bones, this instrument plays there role nicely.

The people who bought it newly ask about its functionality. They get confused on this topic that can a meat grinder grind bones or not? We want to tell them very briefly on this topic below in this article. You will find a there detailed description.

It is a common question people ask whenever they are going to buy the meat grinder and the answer is "yes". The meat grinder can grind bones as well. But it depends on bone category and size. If the bones are into short pieces then you don't need a powerful meat grinder.

A heavy-duty meat grinder needs to grind hard and solid bones. sometimes the hard bones can damage its motor so be careful while grinding hard bones.

There are thousands of manual and electric meat grinder brands with various models that are capable of the smooth grinding of bones, chicken, rabbit.
So first determine about a manual and electric meat grinder.

  • Manual Meat Grinder
  • Electric Meat grinder

Manual Meat Grinder - 

This type of meat grinder is known as a hand-crank meat grinder. A manual meat grinder was invented at an earlier stage of a meat grinder. It demands an extra effort to grind meat and soft bones but is very easy to use.

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You have to fix the meat grinder on a counter and put the little pieces into a funnel. Now it demands a little workout with your arm and pushes the meat pieces down. The grinder blades will cut the meat into the shape you want. If anyone want to engage their arms for workout daily, they can choose manual meat grinder.

Electric Meat Grinder -

It is the latest version of a meat grinder. It is known as a modern meat grinder. Electric meat grinder reduces your time of working and do more and more work in a short period. All its functions are automatic. You have to only put the meat pieces into the hopper and push the button.
Electric meat grinders are expensive than a manual meat grinders.

Things to consider while buying a meat grinder-

It needs a heavy-duty meat grinder to grind bones which has strong blades and motor so far. If you planning to invest in a meat grinder then invest money in an electric meat grinder and consider its motor quality. An electric meat grinder is simple to operate and it doesn't need a manual force. It finishes the work in minutes.

The power of an electric meat grinder should be between 250 watts to 3000 watts. It needs more than 500-watts for grinding soft bones and whereas. You need to increase the number of watts to grind only bones as well as the price.

An electric meat grinder is better from every angle than a manual meat grinder although you have a small amount of work at home. Making sausage, patties, and burgers is more frequent with its automatic process.

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