Top 11 Best Meat Grinder For Home Use Of 2022

If you are an eating lover and want to improve your health, then you are in the right place to get tips on the best rated meat grinder for home use.

Most people agree that if you can make a pizza burger at your home, it would be cheaper and healthier. It is also the best way to save money and get feeling better inside.

Sausages, hamburgers, meatballs, croquettes, kebabs, these all recipe are made by meat. If you are a meat lover, then these recipes will make your mouth watering. If all these recipes are home-built, then it is not only full of taste but makes you healthy and fit so far.

But now we are thinking about how to make these recipes at home. So there are many questions in your mind but one solution to all doubts. Read this review and got for a meat grinder to fly with eating dreams. This little, small kitchen appliance is ideal for those meat lovers who want to eat healthier.
So don't miss it and go for it.


Best Meat Grinder for home use camparision table

01 01 STX TurboForce 3000
  • Dimensions: 16.5 x 6.5 x 14.5
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Max-Power: 1200w
  • Grinding Capacity: 320-360 Pounds
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02 02 Weston (10-3201-W) Pro
  • Dimensions: 17 x 25 x 15.5
  • Weight: 72.8 pounds
  • Max-Power: 750w
  • Grinding per hour: 700 lbs
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03 03 Kitchen Basics 3-In-1
  • Dimensions: 7.8 x 5.59 x 5.39
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds
  • Editor's Rating: 4.0 /5
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04 04 Gourmia GMG525
  • Dimensions: 5.5 x 13.5 x 11.75
  • Weight: 6.85 pounds
  • Max-Power: 500w
  • Grinding per hour: 180lbs
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05 05 Gideon Hank Crank
  • Dimensions: 0.91 x 6.69 x 6.1
  • Weight: 2.49 pounds
  • Type: Manual
  • Editor's Rating: 3.9 /5
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06 06 Sunmile SM-G33
  • Dimensions: 13.58 x 6.18 x 13.58
  • Weight: 8.82 pounds
  • Max Power: 800w
  • Grinding per hour: 150Ibs
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07 07 Sunmile SM-G50
  • Dimensions: 13.58 x 6.18 x 13.58
  • Weight: 8.82 pounds
  • Max Power: 1000w
  • Grinding per hour: 200Ibs
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08 08 Bellemain meat grinder
  • Dimensions: 9.9 x 6.3 x 5.5
  • Weight: 2.29 pounds
  • Type: Manaul
  • Editor's Rating: 4.1 /5
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Best Meat Grinder for home use in 2020

1. STX TurboForce 3000- Best Overall Electric Meat Grinder

  • Product Deminsion: 16.5 x 6.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Brand: STX
  • Model: STX-3000-TF
  • Weight: 12 pounds

The STX 3000 Turboforce is a powerful meat grinder for household purposes. You will love the way it crushes the kinds of stuff for sausage. The same day, after the first bite, even your pet might look at you with big bright eyes. “3000” stands for the power it consumes, which is marked 3000 watts, but it is found, in ordinary uses, it consumes 800 watts to 1200 watts while grinding.

This powerful grinder can crush meat at the rate of 180 to 240 lbs per hour. The time can fluctuate if the consistency is strict. The excellent package includes a size 12 aluminum hopper, 3 304 grades super stainless-steel cutting blades, three different sizes of grinding plates, three volumes of sausage stuffing tubes the sizes being 1/2”, 5/8” and 3/4”. Apart from these, it also includes A Kibbe making attachment and a meat stuffer along with two meat shredder claws and a burger-slider maker.

The auger has AVI technology that ensures the capability to grind large sized meats when combined with 2-1/8” hopper opening. The tools provided are capable of minimizing the time consumption up to a large extent. Just think about size 12 grinding head and 2-5/8” grinding plate working combinedly.

Key Features-

  • The tray has a dimension of 9.75” x 7.25” x 2.00,” which is a way more significant.
  • The STX3000 can finely grind 180 to 240 lbs. of meat per hour.
  • It includes 3 304 grade super stainless-steel blades for excellent and efficient processing of meat.
  • The product comes with three perfect sized sausage stuffers.
  • The auger is super-fast and features AVI technology.


  • Power ful motor of 3000 watt.
  • Equipped with a circuit breaker
  • Easy to assemble and deassemble
  • Three years warranty
  • Three size of grinding plates
  • 30-Days money-back warranty
  • Heavy-duty performence
  • Can grind up to 175 to 225 Lbs


  • Not relaible for commercial use
  • Not suitable for animal tendos
  • Does not safe for dishwasher

2. Weston (10-3201-W) Pro- Commercial Meat Grinder

  • Product Deminsion: 17 x 25 x 15.5 inches
  • Brand: Weston
  • Model: WSTNGRDR
  • Weight: 72.8 pounds

Weston pro series meat grinders come with permanently lubricated motors generating 2 Horsepower to process the meat. It has 1500 watts air-cooled engines to avoid heating issues, which is the most common thing in grinders these days. Its capability to grind 12-16 lbs. Meat per minute is appreciable when you are getting precisely engineered steel gears.

The durability of these gears is the best part. You can disassemble every part for proper cleaning. The auger is really high-speed. The stability while grinding is also excellent, thanks to the rubber feet gathering the best friction. It’s easy to handle and carry in most of the cases. It also includes Auger grabbing stomper so that you can disassemble them comfortably.

The product has a built-in knife sharpener and other accessories like plates, stomper, knife, stuffing kit, stainless steel grinding knife, the sizes of grinding plates being large (7mm), and medium (4.5mm). The product also offers three sized funnels, which are 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm. Al in all, the product is easy to use, and durable at the same time, warranty support is up to 5 years.

Key Features-

  • It has air-cooled motors with a power rating of 1500 watts, which is quite efficient.
  • The Weston pro can grind the meat up to 12-16 lbs. Per-minute.
  • Easy assembly and disassembly for cleaning purposes.
  • The grinder has a rubber grip for better stability.
  • The product comes with five years of limited warranty.


  • Made of stainless steel
  • Easy to disassemble for cleaning
  • Grinds 12-18 lbs per minute
  • Equipped with circuit breaker.
  • Sturdy handle for carrying & transportation
  • Easy to use
  • Reasonable price
  • Suitable for barf pet food


  • Little heavy in wait
  • It consists of plastic gears
  • Product Deminsion: 7.8 x 5.59 x 5.39 inches
  • Brand: Weston
  • Model: WSTNGRDR
  • Weight: 1.9 pounds

The kitchen basics 3-in-1 is an affordable meat grinder. It’s best for home use. The product is a 3 in 1, as the name suggests. It can grind meat and vegetable as well. Also, it can mince the same very finely. It includes two stainless steel screens for fine mincing and course mincing. It also contains three different-sized sausage funnels. You can home make pasta.

Two shapes of pasta that can be made with mincer are rigatoni and spaghetti. Just stuff the dough, begin turning the crank to watch it turn into pasta stripe. The most important aspect of using this particular grinder is the price at which it is available, as well as the ease of handling. The kitchen basics have a dimension of 7.5 x 5, which is compact and reliable.

product comes with extremely sharp stainless-steel blades, which means no worries for the future. The thing is easy to disassemble for frequent cleaning, and also easy to assemble again. If I talk about the overview, the product is best for home purposes. It can’t be used commercially. It is classy for soft meat and vegetables and durable at the same time but can be dangerous with rough uses.

Key Features-

  • This grinder is best for small family cooking.
  • It includes three different sized sausage funnels.
  • You can make beautiful pasta strands with this machine.
  • It has sharp quality stainless-steel blades, which is durable in terms of prolonged usage.
  • Easy to use and clean.


  • It is lightweight and compact.
  • Multy-functional tools
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble
  • Grind boneless meat, vegetables, sausages.
  • Affordable in price
  • Easy to clean
  • Less maintenance.
  • Limited lifetime warrenty


  • It has low capacity to hold
  • Does not grind hard meat
  • Not for commercial use

4. Gourmia GMG525- Best Overall Electric Meat Grinder

  • Product Deminsion: 5.5 x 13.5 x 11.75 inches
  • Brand: Gourmia
  • Model: GMG525
  • Weight: 6.85 pounds

GMG525 is designed with two power levels for soft meat and rough meat. The accessories that are provided include a food pusher, Kibbeh attachment, three different sized sausage funnels, three grinding plates, and sausage stuffers.

The bonus is a free recipe book if you are in a great need of one. The specialty of this grinder is a large food tray that some of you may find helpful in some cases. The product is ETL certified, and the brand takes full responsibility for the services it provides so that the customers feel confident while spending on it.

This particular grinder is full of features if compared to others. It’s efficient, safe, and a high-grade appliance, power rating being 800 watts.

Key Features- 

  • It has three blades made of stainless steel for grinding meat in 3 varieties: fine, medium and coarse cuts.
  • The parts are easily removable for proper cleaning.
  • The power rating is 800 watts.
  • The grinder is entirely stainless-steel from top to bottom, which means it’s a highly durable product.
  • It has a four-way dial button grip with two power levels and reverses function.
  • Get an exclusive recipe book as a bonus with ideas for a variety of new dishes.


  • Fast and efficient design
  • Fastest customer service
  • ETL certified
  • Reserve function and additional accessories
  • Easy to clean
  • 3 durable stainless steel blades
  • Extra Strong Material
  • Dual power switch
  • 1-year warranty


  • No dishwasher safe
  • Easy to scratch

5. Gideon Hank Crank- Best Manual Meat Grinder

  • Product Deminsion: 10.91 x 6.69 x 6.1 inches
  • Brand: Gideon
  • Model: GD-MT-MCER-02
  • Weight: 2.49 pounds

Gideon Hank Crank is a manual meat grinder and suitable for home purposes. It features top-quality stainless-steel blades, ensuring long-lasting durability and highest performance. The product comes with two stainless-steel screens, a coarse mincer, and a beautiful mincer plate.

You need not worry anything about your preferred style of cooking. Its blades are wholly fenced to ensure that you don’t get any injury while cooking. The product also includes a meat pusher to push meat up to the edges without getting your fingers down inside. Gideon Hank Crank is latched with a rubber base to put the grinder firmly while grinding.

 It will keep it steady from underneath, avoiding spilling while crushing. The mill is very easy to assemble and disassemble for cleaning purposes. Apart from all these things, the product is compact and lightweight to ensure secure handling. It’s so handy that you can even carry it from place to place, the size being 9.5” Height x 7” Width.

The sharp grinder blades can grind even small bones, fat, and skin, which is quite appreciable. It would be a perfect piece for making excellent dumplings and burger meat. It can grind up to 10 lbs. Meat in one trip, just keep the handle turning.

Key Features- 

  • Durable and high-performance stainless-steel blades for seamless grinding
  • Easy to assemble and disassemble for proper cleaning. No issue with Dishwater.
  • No electricity needed being a manual meat grinder.
  • Comes with two stainless-steel plates, one for fine mincing, another for coarse mincing.
  • Proper rubber base embedded in the grinder for firm grip over the surface.


  • 2 stainless-steel plates for fine and coarse grinding
  • Grind vegetables and fruits
  • Sturdy, ergonomic design and high-quality
  • Grinds partially frozen meat
  • Easy to use and clean
  • Portable and stable
  • Super-powerful suction base
  • Dishwasher safe
  • List Element


  • Suction cups don’t provide enough stability.
  • No sausage stuffing attachments

6. Sunmile SM-G33- Electric meat Grinder under 100

  • Product Deminsion: 13.58 x 6.18 x 13.58 inches
  • Brand: Sunmile
  • Model: SM-G33
  • Weight: 8.82 pounds

Sunmile SM-G33 is an electric meat grinder delivering high power (400 watts usually and 800 watts max) to ensure excellent and proper grinding. It can grind up to 170 lbs—meat per hour, which is acceptable for most of the family needs. The product is easy to disassemble for deep cleaning.

The grinder’s body is crafted with the high-quality stainless-steel material, while the rest upper portion is made of polish cast aluminum. The product is ETL certified from top to bottom, guaranteeing safety, in worst case grinding.

 The Sunmile SM-G33 comes with three different stainless-steel cutting plates for coarse, medium and fine grinding, large sausage stuff, a stainless-steel cutting blade, a plastic meat pusher, and a sausage attachment. The product ensures safety in terms of daily uses featuring a single ON/OFF button to start and a stop, like a regular vegetable grinder.

The difference is it can grind small bones and skin portions also. The Sunmile SM-G33 is appropriately ventilated to avoid any short circuit and burnout. All Sunmile grinders have one year of manufacturer warranty and very appreciable customer service with the best and long-lasting solution. All in all, this is a perfect grinder for small and medium families.

Key Features- 

  • It can grind up to 170 pounds of meat per hour, being an electric grinder.
  • I entirely made with stainless steel, which ensures long-lasting durability.
  • The Sunmile SM-G33 is easy to operate.
  • The product is adequately ventilated to avoid pressure build inside.
  • It comes with a one-year manufacturer warranty and excellent customer support.


  • High Power and Strong Motor
  • Stainless Steel Material
  • Reserve function allows smooth operation.
  • Easy to assemble and deassemble
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Consists with a circuit braker
  • Grinds meat finely
  • Highly recommended by our customers


  • It is hard to clean
  • Inconvenient to use
  • Product Deminsion: 13.58 x 6.18 x 13.58 inches
  • Brand: Sunmile
  • Model: SM-G33
  • Weight: 8.82 pounds

Sunmile SM-G50 is a size 12 meat grinder. It has a large capacity tray that helps you hold and grind a large amount of meat at a single pace. Sunmile grinders are mostly crated with stainless-steel, which keeps it rust-free for a long time. The head portion of these grinders is polished cast aluminum for better durability.

The particular piece is size 12; unlike most other kitchen grinders, which are size eight and size 5, it can handle and grind bulk meat efficiently. The Sunmile SM-G50 includes three different stainless-steel cutting plates for coarse, medium and fine grinding, large sausage stuff, a stainless-steel cutting blade, a plastic meat pusher, and a sausage attachment.

This stuff, including the cutting plates, can be washed using dishwater, which is a significant advantage. The product is very safe for daily purposes. It features a single key for ON/OFF/Reserve, which makes it easy to start and reserve. Sunmile has been manufacturing high-quality grinders for a very long time now. They have some skilled technicians for quick assembly.

Sunmile products are all ETL certified, which means you don’t need to worry about any electric leakage or damage. The power rating of this gadget is 350-1000 watts and can grind meat at a rate of 200 lbs. Per hour.

Key Features-

  • It’s a large size, 12 meat grinders for prominent families.
  • It features a power rating of 350 watts, and the maximum is locked up to 1000 watts.
  • The large dimension tray can hold a tremendous amount of meat at a time.
  • Single-button to carry out ON/OFF/Reverse function.
  • The product is ETL certified with one year of manufacturer warranty.


  • It is easy to operate and use
  • Easy to clean and uses no electricity
  • High-quality accessories
  • High power and strong motor
  • 1 year manufacturer warranty
  • Standard size
  • Manufacturer Backup and ETL Certificated
  • Grind up to 200 lbs. per hour


  • Similar to electric meat grinders in terms of price
  • It is too noisy

8. Bellemain- Manual Meat Grinder

  • Product Deminsion: 9.9 x 6.3 x 5.5 inches
  • Brand: TRTAZ11A
  • Model: TRTAZ11A
  • Weight: 2.29 pounds

The Bellemain meat grinder is one of the best manual meat grinders. You have the key in your hand to a prosperous family, keeping their need up to date with this grinder. It’s very affordable at the price point it follows. The control over the crank is excellent.

 It can help you out with the finest and premium cuts of meat. The Bellemain has a super strong suction base to ensure stability for substantial reductions. The stable base will help you to avoid near-miss slipping and get a proper hold of the neat pusher.

The staff is easy to disassemble and clean and reassemble back. The cleaning process will take you not more than a minute. Each stripe can be polished with dishwater—no issue with that. Talking about what it comes with out of the box is a heavy-duty plastic-built meat pusher of the same color as the grinder, a grinding blade, and a disc of stainless steel.

In short, the mill is well built, entirely with good quality plastic, and does an excellent job in grinding meat. Along with that, the product is long-lasting if used to avoid the rough side. The suction is the power durable, a big plus point.

Key Features-

  • Easy to use and less than two minutes to master if using it for the first time.
  • The grinder is easy to assemble and disassemble for proper cleaning.
  • It features a solid suction base for a firm grip over the surface.
  • A meat pusher and a disc included in the box.
  • All the parts can be put in dishwater without a worry.


  • Full control of the grinding process
  • Dishwasher friendly
  • Suction base is strong.
  • Stainless steel blades and disc
  • Heavy-duty plastic meat pusher
  • Easy to Clean and Store
  • dishwasher safe
  • Affordable because it is a manual grinder.
  • All parts are food safe.


  • Shorter handle than many other
  • Only one grinding disc provided
  • Not durable enough

Best meat grinder for home use buyers guide

Before buying a meat grinder for your kitchen, There are several selection criteria to consider. The following points will help to make your choice evergreen and best so far.
We have listed these below.

The Motor

The motor is an essential part of this equipment. The life of a meat grinder mostly depends on it. If you choose an electric meat grinder for an individual, then the motor must come with a rating of 350watts to 750watts. Commercial meat grinder should be becoming more than 1000watts power.
So consider it in mind before purchasing a meat grinder.


Consider meat grinder size while buying it for home. Although you are buying it for home use, the meat grinder should not be significant as it will cover big space in your kitchen. A small meat grinder comes with a small feeding tube, and it is portable quickly too.


Different capacity meat grinders are available in the market—the capacity of there meat grinders measures in pounds per hour.
Select the machine according to your demand or family strength.
Always buy high-ability grinding machines so that this will provide you with fast grinding and save time.


Thing profound about your budget while deciding to buy a meat grinder. Always choose a machine with the best features and models in the budget. It will increase your kitchen decoration and save you valuable time as well. It will always make you trouble to go with the cheap and crappy product because of its maintenance.


The life of any grinding machine is dependent on its durable accessories. Think widely about its availability in the market so that you can afford it. The Accessories should have cleanable easily Along with availability.
Some grinding machines come with a verity of plates along with grinding options.

Here also look best meat electric meat grinder under 100


So, we tried to gather all the knowledge about the best meat grinder for home use. We covered all the features, specifications, and pros cons with buyers review.
We hope and sure that you will get benefit with the knowledge and select your best pic easily.

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