Top 10 Best Meat Grinder For Butcher Shop In 2022

If you are in the commercial field and looking for the best meat grinder for butcher shop, then no further discussion.

Below, we listed the top 10 commercial-grade machines according to their features.
These models are high-speed grinding capacity and easy to clean as well. 

Although if you are a hunter, then these machines are perfect for heavy-duty home use or butcheries or large quantities of ground meat.

As you know, a meat grinder is beneficial not only for butcher shops and restaurants but also for household works because it saves plenty of time and multitasks as well.

In this post, we reviewed the best information about the meat grinder. I guarantee it that you will get the best machine and that will serve you well. So here we go.


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Best meat grinder for butcher shop Camparison table

Featured AVI Technolog Featured AVI Technolog STX Megaforce Classic 3000
  • Unit size:16.5 x 6.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight:12 pounds
  • Max power:3000 Watts
  • Grind per hour:180 to 240 lbs
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Low maintenance and portable Low maintenance and portable Weston (10-3201-W) Pro
  • Unit size:17 x 25 x 15.5 inches
  • Weight:72.8 pounds
  • Max power:1500-Watt
  • Grind capacity:12-18 per min
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CE approved CE approved KWS SL-8
  • Unit size: 19 x 13 x 13 inches
  • Weight: 35 pounds
  • Max power: 2000W
  • Grind capacity: 176 lbs per hour
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3 Speed Switch System 3 Speed Switch System STX Turboforce Classic 3000
  • Unit size: 16.5 x 6.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Weight: 12 pounds
  • Max power: 3000 Watts
  • Grind capacity: 180 to 240lbs per hour
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Built in circuit breaker Built in circuit breaker LEM Products
  • Unit size: 20.2 x 9.1 x 16 inches
  • Weight: 38.7 pounds
  • Max power: 1000 Watts
  • Grind capacity: 7 pounds per min
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Professional quality grinder Professional quality grinder Chef's Choice
  • Unit size: 11.63 x 7.5 x 10.88 inches
  • Weight: 10.87 pounds
  • Max power: 1500 Watts
  • Grind capacity: 3.5 pounds per minute
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SIMPLE & SAFE Designed SIMPLE & SAFE Designed Gourmia GMG525
  • Unit size:5.5 x 13.5 x 11.75 inches
  • Weight:6.85 pounds
  • Max power:1000 Watts
  • Grind capacity:175 to 225 pounds per hours
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Quality and good performance Quality and good performance Weston 08-3201-W PRO
  • Unit size:14.5 x 23.5 x 15.5 inches
  • Weight:77.9 pounds
  • Max power:240-360 lbs per hour
  • Grind capacity:720LBS Per/Hour
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Motor-reverse safety switch Motor-reverse safety switch Nesco FG-400PR
  • Unit size:15 x 11 x 10.5 inches
  • Weight:14 pounds
  • Max power:1000 Watts
  • Grind capacity:150 lbs
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Rust-proof Rust-proof Kitchener Elite 3/4 HP
  • Unit size: 18.5 x 15.24 x 14.76 inches
  • Weight: 41.3 pounds
  • Max power: 2000 Watts
  • Grind capacity: 840lb per hour
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Easy to maintain Easy to maintain Happybuy
  • Unit size:20.08 x 16.39 x 11.41 inches
  • Weight:51.4 pounds
  • Max power:1000 Watts
  • Grind capacity:375Lbs/hour
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Butcher Series Butcher Series Weston Butcher Series #32
  • Unit size: 30 x 24 x 20 inches
  • Weight: 71.4 pounds
  • Max power: 1000 Watts
  • Grind capacity: 12-18 lbs per minute
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Best meat grinder for butcher shop review

1.  STX Megaforce Classic 3000 - best overall


  • Unit Size : 16.5 x 6.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Model : STX-3000-MF
  • Weight : 12 pounds
best meat grinder for butcher shop

It is a heavy-duty grinder with the patented air-cooled system. The lock motor wattage runs on 3000 watts usually. Under heavy load, it runs between 800-1200 watts. It can grind up to 180-240 lbs (round about 80-81 kgs) of massive proportioned meat per hour. This is for stripped or cubed grinding of meat.

The consistency of grounded meat depends on the size of the grinding plate used. It has 3-cutting blades, made of stainless steel, and 3-sizes of grinding plates, made of tempered or hardened steel.

The main feature of this grinder that makes it the first choice is, it grinds not only meat but also bones and fruits and nuts, etc. 1 sausage stuffing plate and a set(3) of stuffing tubes of different sizes are provided, along with an adapter. A lightweight unit weighing about 12 lbs(5 kgs around) makes it easy to carry. The grinding head is of size #12, much larger than regular size #8 or #5. Aluminum is 100% polished food-grade cast, and not coated, thus making it not harmful for the body.

Key Features -

  • Grinding speed : on high speed, it grinds about 175-225 lbs(almost 79.3kgs) of meat and on low speed, 110-140 lbs(almost 50kgs) of meat.
  • Watt consumption : under no load, 600 watts, and under pressure while grinding, normal 800-1200 watts are consumed by the grinder.
  • Speed system : 3 types of speed system switches are provided, along with low and reverse.
  • Voltage : it consumes 110-120 volts with 60Hz.
  • Attachments : 1kubbe attachment, 2-meat claws, and 1-burger/slider patty press are included with the grinder.


  • Powerful 300-Watt high-quality motor
  • 2.5/8-Inches 3-size steel grinding plates
  • 3-sizes of sausage stuffing tubes and 1-Kubbe
  • Grinds 180 to 240 Lbs of Meat Per Hour
  • 3 Speed Switch System - High, Low and Reverse
  • Excellent cooling system
  • Featured AVI Technology
  • 3-Years warranty
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  • All parts are not dishwasher safe
  • Not for hard bones

2. Weston (10-3201-W) Pro - Electric meat grinder under 200


  • Unit Size : 17 x 25 x 15.5 inches
  • Model : WSTNGRDR
  • Weight : 72.8 pounds
best meat grinder for wild game

This is an impressive and powerful tool for chefs when a lot of meat needs to be processed. It has a limited 5-years manufacturer warranty. It’s of 2 horsepower and the air-cooled motor, lubricated permanently and processes up to 12-18 pounds(almost 5kgs) of meat per minute.
It has various design facilities such as high-speed and efficient production. Also, for concern of safety, the machine has a circuit-breaker and the tray guard. It will help to keep hands intact, and the electric grinder also runs in reverse.

The gear-driven, electric meat chopper/grinder runs on 12.5Amps and has #32 size hub. It also has organized tray-nested storage. It also contains one snack stick funnel of about 10mm.

Key Features

  • Body Construction : Talking about body construction, the rugged solid steel fits on non-slip feet, along with its durable machine capable of taking size regardless of grinding.
  • Easy Clean-up : easy disassembling for clean-up, and stability, the non-slip rubber feet. The quiet grinder has excellent performance and optimal efficiency.
  • Stuffing kit : two steel grinding plates for coarse and medium sausage cutting(7mm and 4.5mm, respectively). Also, set of 3 funnels for sausage sizing, (20mm, 30mm, 40mm)
  • Motor lifeline : 2HP(horsepower), 1500-watt, 120 volts, 60Hz air-cooled motor for lifetime use.
  • It includes a built-in sharpener for a knife to sharpen your butcher knife and, for simple disassembling, contains Auger Grabbing Stomper.
  • For transportation and carrying, silver-colored sturdy handle with high-speed offset head design.


  • 2 HP / 1500 watt air-cooled motor
  • The motor is air-cooled and permanently lubricated
  • Grinds 12-18 pounds of meat chunks per minute
  • Low maintenance, portable and easy to clean
  • Can grind smaller poultry bones
  • It is equipped with a circuit breaker.
  • Five Year Limited Warranty


  • Not dishwasher safe
  • Plastic gears

3. KWS SL-8 - Commercial meat grinder under 300


  • Unit Size : 19 x 13 x 13 inches
  • Model : ME-8
  • Weight : 36 pounds
best meat grinder for wild game

The CE approved and easy to clean and operate stainless steel grinder is a heavy-duty commercial use meat grinder. Made of ½ Horsepower, it consumes 450 watts of motor power.
It grinds up to 176 lbs. (79 kgs approx.) of meat per hour. It is made to meet the requirements of restaurants, meat processing shops, butcher shops, etc. For the machine's service life, the grinder has heat dissipation holes in two lines, and the handle provides more convenient and steady use, attached at the top of the unit.
The power cord is 5 inches, and the on-off switch has a waterproof cover.
CE approves the product, LFFB, in terms of international standards of sanitization and consistency. The electric input and output supply are 450W and 300 W, respectively. For easy cleaning of the grinder, 2-washers are also installed. A meat stomper and 2-grinder knives make it easy and convenient to use.

Key Features

  • The Voltage requirement to start operating on this machine is around 110V and 60Hz.
  • It comes in the box pack included with gasket, 4-sausage stuffing tubes, a plastic pusher, and stainless-steel meat pusher types of extra accessories.
  • The size ratio of its sausage and grinding plates are around ¼" and 5/16" for more convenient uses.
  • The grinder plates are the size of 8mm, 6mm, and kidney-shaped from inside designs.
  • It is internationally certified by considering all types of security while operating with sanitization.
  • The meat grinder is easy to clean and can be a store, or it can be fit in any small spaces with easy to move functionality.


  • Featured 450-watt very powerful motor for fast grinding
  • Grinds 176 lbs of Meat per hour
  • 4 – Sausage stuffing tube
  • Easy to clean and operate
  • On-Off switch with a waterproof cover
  • CE and LFGB approved
  • Replacement knife plastic pusher


  • Very heavy
  • Not a good design

4. STX Turboforce Classic 3000 - Best-in-class


  • Unit Size : 16.5 x 6.5 x 14.5 inches
  • Model : STX-3000-TF
  • Weight : 12 pounds
best meat grinder for butcher shop
It is a heavy-duty electric grinder with a lock motor wattage that runs on 3000 watts normally. Under heavy load, it runs between 800-1200 watts. It can grind up to 180-240 lbs (round about 80-81 kgs) of massive proportioned meat per hour. This is for stripped or cubed grinding of meat.

The consistency of grounded meat depends on the size of the grinding plate used. It contains three steel cutting blades of 304 grade and a meat hopper. The size #12 grinding head allows more amount of meat to be grounded. Also, the diameter of 2-5/8" plates helps in this.

Also, one of the features is it's low cost as compared to the heavy-duty mega force grinder. The circuit breaker has a stop and resets switch for safety concerns. The sausage stuffing tubes come with an adapter in a set of 3 tubes. The meat tray is improved to a high capacity to 3lbs.
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The meat auger included with the grinder features Advanced Variable Intake(AVI) provides the capability of grinding large proportions of meat. The style of meat pusher is ergonomic to stuff raw meat in the grinder.
For perfect burgers/sliders, wax transfer sheets are given to move the patties quickly.

Key Features

  • Speed system: 3 types of speed system switches are provided, high, low, and reverse.
  • Voltage: it consumes 110-120 volts with 60Hz.
  • Watt consumption: under no load, 600 watts, and under load while grinding, normal 800-1200 watts are consumed by the grinder.
  • Attachments: 1kubbe attachment, 2-meat shredder claws, 1-meat pusher-stuffer, and a 3-1 burger/slider patty press are included with the grinder.
  • Powefull motor: Feature 3000-watt motor, normally uses 800 to 1200-watt while working under load.


  • 3000 Watts Peak Output
  • 180 to 240 Lbs of Meat per Hour
  • Sausage Tubes and 3 Stainless Steel Grinding Plates
  • Stop and reset switch (with circuit breaker)
  • Features AVI Technology
  • 3 Grinding Speeds (low, high, reverse)
  • 30-Day unconditional money-back warranty
  • 3-Year warranty


  • Not for commercial use
  • Not able to grind animal tendons

5. LEM Products - electric meat grinder under 500


  • Unit Size :  20.2 x 9.1 x 16 inches
  • Model : 17801
  • Weight : 38.7 pounds
best meat grinder for butcher shop
Lem products stainless steel meat grinder is a heavy-duty, easy to handle and carry electric meat grinder. That means no need for you to pull the crank.

 It comes in the various sizes option. These are #8, #5, #32,#22, #12. The one we are considering here is #12 with .5 horsepower. The grinder has a modern steel finish, which minimizes smudges and fingerprints and enhances durability.

 Talking about this piece's dimension, with a width of 7.5 X height of 15.5 X length of 13 inches, provides a comfortable and easy installation. It's also easy to carry whenever required. Having a large tray mounted on the top ensures a good amount of meat in one go. 

The drill is extended so that it can pull more meat, increasing the speed of grinding. The brand boasts the meat grinder is capable of grinding approximately 7 pounds of meat per minute, which is stunning at this price.

 The motor is lubricated to reduce noise while grinding. There is a built-in circuit breaker to cut the power out in the chance of overload and overheating. 

The grinder comes with a steel knife, a meat pan, 3-stuffing tubes, a stomper, and 2-stainless steel plates for coarse and fine grinding.

Key Features

  • It's a heavy-duty meat electric meat grinder with permanently lubricated motors.
  • The grinder features 0.5 horsepower, which is enough for smooth and noiseless grinding.
  • It features a large tray to process a large amount of meat at a time and works as a container for storing a knife and stomper.
  • It is quite portable and easy to handle so that you can carry it anywhere you need.
  • Lastly, it comes with a 5-years warranty and lifetime customer support along with certification by ETL.


  • Quieter gears make less noise
  • Capable of grinding up to 420lbs
  • Automatically pushes meat forwards to be ground
  • Allows you to load more meat at a time
  • Comes with three grinder plates
  • Superfast grinding with big bite technology
  • ETL certified for quality
  • 5-year warranty


  • Consumes high power
  • No reverse function

6. Chef's Choice M720 - Professional Commercial meat grinder


  • Unit Size : 11.63 x 7.5 x 10.88 inches
  • Model : 7200000
  • Weight : 10.87 pounds
best meat grinder for butcher shop

Conveniently grind meat, bread, fish, vegetables, cheese and fruits with the Chef’s Choice Professional Meat Grinder. This is a sleek and efficient grinder with unparallel performance.
It is a healthy solution to the cooking of soups, fresh burgers, and meat loaves. The die-cast metal hopper is large enough for maximum containment of a lot of meat.
With a powerful motor and reverse switch, this grinder makes the grinding of venison and other types of meat extremely easy.
Made from cast metal construction, the grinder delivers reliable and long-lasting performance with 350-400 watts of power making it able to cut through the toughest of meats.
The appliance is easy to use with a 3-way control switch. It allows you to choose between grinding, stuffing and reverse. It comes with 3 stainless steel grinding plates, forged grinding knife and sausage stuffing kit.
The handle is simple and convenient making the grinder easy to store.

Key Features

  • Powerful DC motor provides 350-400 watts of power
  • 3-way control switch for easy operation
  • Large capacity die-cast metal hopper
  • Strong metal cast construction
  • 3 stainless steel grinding plates


  • Compact and lightweight
  • Easy to operate and use
  • Easy to clean and store
  • 110/120 volts design
  • Durable accessories


  • It is a bit expensive
  • Not dishwasher safe

7. Gourmia GMG525 - Electric meat grinder


  • Unit Size : 5.5 x 13.5 x 11.75 inches
  • Model : GMG525
  • Weight : 6.85 pounds
best meat grinder for butcher shop

Gourmia is a big name in terms of grinding. GMG525 is fast, efficient, and durable. It is capable of grinding the toughest slab of meat without destroying the meat fiber keeping it fresh aromatic and flavourful.

Included in the grinder's box are 3-ultra-sharp stainless-steel blades for a variety of medium fine and coarse mincing. Crafted with exceptionally strong material with a durable motor of copper, the grinder ensures proper grinding and the grinder itself with an 800-watt copper motor.

What makes it easy to operate is the 3-way safety switch (ON/OFF/Reverse). The grinder is designed with a heavy-duty food tray mounted on the top to process a large amount of meat.

All the parts of this grinder are easy to assemble and disassemble for proper cleaning and maintenance. Apart from the three blades, this grinder additionally offers a meat pusher, a sausage horn, and a kibbeh attachment.

The grinder is highly durable. Same case if we talk about the portability being a comfortably sized grinder.

 Apart from all these, talking about legitimacy and trust, Gourmia takes it seriously. Their products are ETL certified so that you can be confident of the safety and quality you are receiving.

Key Features

  • It has a locked copper motor of 800W, which provides a fast and efficient process.
  • Gourmia grinders feature 3-way ON/OFF and reverse switch.
  • It is highly portable and friendly in terms of cleaning and maintenance.
  • The grinder has a large-sized tray mounted on the top for a large amount of meat processing.
  • Gourmia products are ETL certified to gain your trust and receive the right product in exchange.


  • Cooper 800W powerful motor for proper grinding
  • Simple to use and easy clean-up
  • Healthy accessories and recipe book included
  • Three-way safety switch (ON/OFF/REVERSE)
  • Three different blades
  • A food stuffer and a sausage horn included in the kit
  • Simple to operate and well designed
  • ETL certified


  • Not dishwasher safe


  • Unit Size : 14.5 x 23.5 x 15.5 inches
  • Model : 08-3201-W
  • Weight : 77.9 pounds
best meat grinder for butcher shop

Weston meat grinder is the best that fulfills all your grinding demands at home. It offers the best quality at this price. You can process your meat in just seconds with Weston Pro.

 It features a high powered motor that pri]ovide you the effortless experience in grinding work. It comes with two grinding plates of coarse size (7mm) and medium (4.5mm) size. It also includes a set of three sausage stuffing funnels of 20mm, 30mm, and 40mm, respectively.

Moreover, it is a heavy-duty meat grinder grinds as quickly as you can feed the pieces of stuff. It includes a large tray to handle more amount of meat in a short time. The piece's dimension is 14.5 x23.5 x 15.5 inches, and the grinder weighs around 70 pounds.
It allows you to

assemble the stuff and disassemble it for easy cleaning purposes. The unique perspective of this grinder is that it has a 3-way safety switch for ON/OFF/REVERSE.

You can easily place it on your household surface rigidly as it also has rubber grips at the bottom of the main unit. It is an ETL certified product that assures the right quality product.

Key Features

  • It's a heavy-duty big size grinder that can fulfill all your grinding needs.
  • It grinds meat without destroying meat fiber and keeps it healthy and safe.
  • The grinder features ON, OFF, and reverse button for safe utilization.
  • The box of the Weston packs some valuable gears for daily uses.
  • The product is safe and durable, as well as ETL certified to the best of the results.


  • 560 watts heavy-duty motor that doesn't overheat
  • 240-360 lbs of meat per hour grinding capacity
  • Made from heavy-duty materials
  • High-speed stuffing auger
  • Simple to disassemble and cleanup
  • Comer with healthy accessories
  • Stainless steel grinder knife included
  • Comes with 2-years warranty


  • The price is high
  • Reverse function is not available

9. Nesco FG-400PR - Professional Meat Grinder


  • Unit Size : 15 x 11 x 10.5 inches
  • Model : FG-400PR
  • Weight : 14 pounds

The 380-watt Nesco FG-400PR Professional Food Grinder is your ideal choice for the making of sausages, hamburgers, appetizers, sandwich spreads and other meat grinding tasks.
The machine is made from die-cast aluminium housing with a durable and oversized hopper capable of containing up to 5 pounds of meat.
This appliance has a motor-reverse safety switch for the unclogging of food. It is easy to assemble and disassemble for thorough cleaning.
Accessories include 3 stainless steel plates and 2 sausage tubes of different sizes.
When it comes to performance, this grinder delivers efficiently and excellently. With a 380-watt motor, the grinder is powerful enough to grind and shred food effortlessly.
There is no doubt this appliance will be a great companion in your kitchen.

Key Features

  • 3 stainless steel plates
  • Easy to operate ON/OFF switch with reverse feature
  • Versatile enough for the grinding of meat and poultry, making of salads, sausages, appetizers and more
  • 1-year warranty
  • Made with die-cast aluminium housing


  • Cleanup is a breeze
  • Sturdy and durable
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Ease of use and operation
  • Powerful and efficient


  • Very noisy
  • You cannot switch directly from coarse to fine grind

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